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September 21, 2014 5:05 pm


I came across the cutest instagram account c:

Go follow @meetinged!

August 7, 2014 6:06 pm
Oh haaaaaay my gif is everywhere xDDDDD Haven’t been on tumblr in forever, but this is great(:

Oh haaaaaay my gif is everywhere xDDDDD Haven’t been on tumblr in forever, but this is great(:

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awh thanks so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

7:44 pm June 5, 2014 12:12 am

My Two Long Edful Days

Reposting on tumblr cause apparently twitlonger won’t let me share the whole story which is so dumb and I just noticed now a month later…

Well this post is late and everything else is late meaning posting all the videos and getting myself together and back on track. Unless senioritis really hit me which it may or May not have hit. I honestly don’t know. But anyway, those of you who know me and are reading this, you already know about my obsession with Ed. Shirts, posters, art projects, drawings, and just everything! I even drew him on the door in my orchestra room! Waited 4 years to draw him on the door lol but Nawh I have been a fan for a really long time but my love for Ed grew more and more every single time I saw him perform live! He’s so genuine and such and inspiration and I really talk about him like all the time !

I’ve been trying to meet him for quite awhile so in August I decided to do those voting contests and barely made it through to the top ten to meet ed and go to a private performance! I finally got to meet Ed! 08.27.13 I can elaborate on that story but y’all have heard it enough times! Getting to my point, I met a Sheerio at that event with maybe about 40 other people who was in love with Ed just as much as I was. Her name is Megan! After we met for the first couple of minutes in line, we instantly clicked and it was great and we became really good friends !(: After the performance was over of course we continued to show our passion towards Ed, talk to each other about it, and any new updates just like any other dedicated fan. Ed has come to San Francisco so many times and I have been so happy! So the time came around where he came back this week!

On Saturday 5/10/14 Megan messaged me with the greatest news in the world! She won another pair of m&g with private performance tickets from the same radio station and she asked me if I wanted to come along! I was so thrilled and excited for a reunion with Ed and her! Plus she knew that I was trying to win these tickets myself!

But first let me talk about how my Sunday went. Ed was doing a gig at EndFest in Roseville/Sacramento and my mom drove me and my other friend down there! He did his one hour gig and everything and of course it was amazing! It was a scaled down Alice Summerthing lol and I couldn’t stop smiling knowing what was coming on Monday! Plus he did a gig for about an hour cause he was headlining the festival (: Hearing Don’t live and Tenerife Sea was just asdfgghjklawbjwnahxusjwnw! I may have been kinda far back because I didn’t wanna get sunburnt, but in my opinion it really wasn’t bad! And he was talking about how gingers had sunburn problems and how they can’t tan, so he gave a shoutout to the fans under the tree which was great cause I was under the tree and I still sunburned πŸ˜’ He was like “The struggle is real πŸ˜‚” I’m so glad I went and tbh he was the only act I was looking forward to besides Hot Chelle Rae!

So finally Monday came, I couldn’t stop being excited and Megan and I met down at the radio station! Apparently we were basically the only teenagers, probably cause of finals but hey we’re graduating(: but besides that, we were the only ones who wore/made fan shirts, brought things to give to him, as well as things to sign and fangirling extremely hard! The radio hosts(Sandy and Marcus) clearly could tell that we were dedicated and were huge fans and it was indescribable! We couldn’t stop squealing and talking about Ed. We were all like omg eds in this building, it’s happening again, and it’s gonna be a reunion. And if you know me, I never fangirl, but I was seriously fangirling hard! Lol! It’s my second time meeting Ed and I still couldn’t believe it!!!!!!

So finally they let us into the private lounge/recording room that is super small with maybe about 20 other people! Megan and I knew where to sit and how to get to the front seats to be 3 feet away from Ed. Literally. We took our reunion selfie and watched with huge smiles on our faces! Since it was live, our faces showed up on the screens a lot lol! The interview was hilarious and interesting and adorable as usual and he sang A Team, I See Fire, and Sing :D

There came a point near the end of the interview before he sang Sing where Sandy and Marcus started talking about the ceramics bowl that I made with every single Ed song on it even the ones that were never on Plus from his high school and college days! Apparently “I took ceramics class for Ed.” Lol I then took out the bowl and his face lit up with huge smiles and thank yous! His expression was so adorable and he couldn’t stop staring at it and reading all of the song titles and gaaaah! It took me three months to make that bowl and I couldn’t make it in time for the first time I met him and it was so exciting cause he liked it so much! He was talking about eating out of it and everything and I was like how about cereal and can we take a picture with it! And gaaaah but then he asked if I had cereal, of course I don’t): I had a sandwich though haha! So he said we could get spoons and cover the bowl halfway and pretend there’s cereal in it lol ! And while Sandy and Marcus were interviewing him some more he just kept staring at the bowl giving it a good look cause there is so much on it! Then they asked him a question about weirdest fan gifts or something and he started talking about tootsie rolls/ring pops and getting sick πŸ˜” it was cute lol and all of a sudden he was like “I’m eating out of me cereal bowl.” It made me so happy that he was happy and I couldn’t contain my excitement!

When the gig was over, I got to meet him! Megan and I were at the back of the line cause we thought we could get the most time with Ed than anyone else! It was true! Everyone got a normal meet and greet that is like ten seconds long with a hi, picture, say one thing, and bye cause things had to go by quickly. This time our meet and greet (meaning me and Megan) was at least five minutes long total instead of the ten second one like the first time! I went up to him and gave him a huge hug like always (yaknow the teddy bear ones(: )and it was great and then I got a piggyback ride picture which basically means Ed carried me and it was cute haha! But then I got him to sign the guitar and was like where’s my bowl cause we still need to take a picture with it! And he said oh it’s in the dressing room and they went to get the bowl which stalled for another minute of talking with Ed! Then the bowl came back from the dressing room and we took the cereal bowl picture with the spoons of course that the guy from the radio station gave to us after the whole cereal convo I had with Ed and it being imaginary for the picture! So technically I just ate fake cereal with Ed xD Plus while we were waiting for the bowl to come back I gave him another hug hehe (: After that second picture I hugged him again for a goodbye hug! He seemed happy like very happy so it made me feel happy too! By the way he signed the guitar and said “Play Me! Drew a cat. And said love, Ed with his signature) it was so cute and I was so excited that I finally got my Ed guitar signed(: so that meet and greet went well and I talked about EndFest and just everything! We also talked about how the struggle was real in getting sunburns cause I told him I got sunburnt at EndFest and he was like “Oh I’m sorry, the struggle most definitely real *chuckles and smiles*” then I said bye to him and told him that I’d see him soon which I really hope so! Especially cause I made another ceramics bowl with everything from Multiply! While the radio interns were escorting us out Stu walked right past me and I wanted to take a picture, but he seemed really busy and stressed so I didn’t ask):

But anyway after that meet and greet, two hours later there was another private gig that my mom won tickets too since this was his promo day in SF! I was so glad that she won them do I got to see Ed twice in one day like 5 feet away both times! Asdfghjkl how much more excited can I be! It was amazing too and he sang All Of the Stars for the first time live before he sang it at the TFIOS music Livestream!!!!!!!!!! Everything was perfect and he sang one and gaaaaah! This was another one hour gig(:

Since there were only about 50-100 people there and the majority met Ed or a lot of them did, a few of us were waiting outside cause there’s only one exit. Ed came out and personally told all of us that he would like to meet all of us(like 20 other people waiting) but he has another gig so he has to leave! And oh yeah I saw Stu AGAIN too but he was still busy): I was waiting to meet ed again because my mom still never had the chance to meet him and I really wanted her too! But he walked up to the crowd and it was seriously amazing how no one mobbed him! So he signed one girl’s poster and then left! He said he was coming back to do another gig in SF real soon so hehe I will be seeing him again! I hope this means at Alice Summerthing!

This week has most definitely been great to me!(: I have officially seen Ed live ten times and have met him twice! I hope I get to meet him again to actually give him the bowl and get more teddy bear hugs and cute pictures and have more crazy and fun convos! I am just so glad he liked my bowl and everything(: And that we are fake cereal out of it and gaaaaaah! This experience has been incredible and there are a million words that I could use to express my love for Ed ! I can’t wait until Multiply comes out and for the time when he comes back here and hopefully I will get to meet him again!(: with Megan of course(: hehe

June 3, 2014 11:12 pm
Teddy Hugs. I totally miss this 😭

Teddy Hugs. I totally miss this 😭

June 1, 2014 10:01 pm
"Some Infinities are Bigger Than Other Infinities." -TFIOS 

Got a new tank at Hot Topic and thought it was cute!

"Some Infinities are Bigger Than Other Infinities." -TFIOS

Got a new tank at Hot Topic and thought it was cute!

May 16, 2014 11:11 pm


It turns out that Ed Sheeran wrote his song, β€œDon’t” about Ellen.Β 

May 15, 2014 7:17 am May 14, 2014 11:02 pm

So I haven’t been on tumblr in ages and I felt that I have to share this with all of y’all too since you guys probably don’t follow me in ig (@itssteefunny // @edsheeranfordays) but I had the chance to meet ed on Monday and see him three times in two days! Two of those being private performances being less than 5 feet away from him! Yay for no zoom. I also had to post it cause of all of the TFIOs stuff going on today cause it really adds to my excitement! I mean really Sing was great as usual, Ed was sitting in a helluh cute position, and he hugged&kissed Tyler so I mean it was exciting! I heard All of the Stars live for the first time ever on Monday so hearing it again on the live stream was great !(: but anyway, please feel free to repost this, reblog any of these pictures on here or instagram, edit them! Do as you like! Tag me if you do though(: hehe also if you have any questions about my 5 minute meet and greet with Ed rather than 10 seconds, feel free to message me about that too(: or ask lol

September 2, 2013 10:41 am


I hate snow but it might be kind of fun to have a couples weekend hereΒ 

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September 1, 2013 1:20 pm 1:15 pm


HELLO hoodie season!


August 31, 2013 10:49 pm


Saw Whet owls are quite possibly the most adorable birds ever.

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